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Leadership doesn’t need to be overly complicated.

Fundamentally, the job of a leader is to deliver the results and to look after those people we have the privilege and responsibility to lead.

Whilst we can look to the fields of neuroscience and psychology to help us be better leaders, there are many simpler things we can do first.

Over the past three months I’ve had the great privilege of interviewing many Managing Directors and CEOs to draw out the major lessons from their leadership careers.

Those lessons and themes were incredibly consistent.

#1 Stay humble

#2 Listen more than you speak

#3 You don’t need all the answers

#4 Surround yourself with great people

#5 If you stop learning, you’ll become extinct

#6 Relationships are key

#7 Communicate, communicate, communicate

#8 Drop the Corporate Armour and be yourself

#9 Take time out to reflect and plan

#10 To lead others, you must first lead yourself

#11 Exercise

#12 Do less. Most leaders and businesses attempt to do too many things

#13 Do things that make you uncomfortable

#14 Take on projects that stretch you

#15 Be consistent and stick with the plan

#16 It’s not about you. A leader’s job is to be of service and deliver through others


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