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Do you ever find yourself wondering just how great your team really could be? And do you wish that you knew how to unlock the full, untapped potential of those that you lead?

If so, you’re in the right place.

I work exclusively with senior leaders and senior leadership teams to move them from good to great, and beyond. Or to put it another way, if you have the appetite to take your individual and collective leadership capability to an entirely new level, to deliver outstanding results for your business, I can help you to achieve this.

But leadership isn’t just about hitting the number or delivering your objectives…

The job of a leader is to deliver the objectives AND to look after those that we have the privilege and responsibility to lead.

Ben Morton

Every person that we lead, is the most important person in someone else’s life. How a leader behaves doesn’t just affect those that we lead whilst they are at work. It has an impact on how they behave in their personal life… and can even have a direct impact on their loved ones.

But we still don’t have the full picture.

Yes, leadership is about others. But it starts with us. We can’t deliver our objectives and support those that we have the privilege to lead if we are sick or have no energy.

Sustained peak performance is a result of consistently doing the things that allow us to play at our best. It doesn’t come from just “pushing on through” and neglecting our health, happiness and home life under the misguided perception that this is what we mean by resilience. It’s not.

How I can help

Senior and Executive Team Development – transform your team

I will work with you and your leadership team over a period of several months to help you go from good to great, and beyond.

If you want a truly transformational and inspiring programme, this is the option for you.

Leadership Development Programme – invest in your leaders

I will partner with your HR or Learning and Development Function to create a high-impact leadership development programme for your senior leaders or those moving towards this level.

If you want to improve the leadership capability of your organisation significantly, this is the option for you.

The Intensive Care Programme – repair your team

I have a proven track record for helping senior leaders move their team from the truly dysfunctional, to the high performing; but only if they are prepared to make some tough decisions and fully commit to the process.

Due to the intense nature of this programme, I only supports one team per year in this way. But when we engage in this process, you get my commitment to do whatever it takes to achieve the desired outcome.

If you are a leader who has inherited a fundamentally broken team, then this is the perfect option for you.

How is your team performing?

Download the Team Development Roadmap to get an instant snapshot of how your team is performing and find out what the journey from good to great, and beyond, looks like.

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“Ben was an outstanding resource in supporting us to overcome our hurdles to perform as a strong and efficient team! He is brilliant in bringing root causes to the surface and in helping to set norms for better teamwork!“

Michael Vom Brocke – COO/CFO Zwilling Beauty Group