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Pandemic fatigue isn’t just another buzzword; it’s real.

If we keep asking our teams and colleagues how they are, and listen more deeply to what they say, we’ll understand that in many cases, ‘I’m fine’ or ‘I’m surviving’ isn’t necessarily the truth.

These answers hide the fact that many are feeling highly stressed, anxious and burned out.

One of the most effective things that leaders can do in these times is to help their teams prioritise. It’s easy to dismiss this as something that’s either too basic, too obvious or something that our people should ‘just do themselves.’

But it’s none of those things.

Prioritisation is one of the most energy-hungry tasks that we ask our brains to do, and right now many people are working on severely depleted energy levels.

Now more than ever, we need to move on from the belief that busyness equals effectiveness. We also need to distinguish between efficiency and effectiveness because as Peter Drucker once said;

“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.”

Part of the solution lies in pausing and allowing ourselves time to think clearly or take what I call the “The Water Bottle Moment’.

It is in these pauses that we can find the clarity we need, for ourselves and for our teams, through answering three key questions:

  1. What are the true priorities? The activities we must push ahead with.
  2. What are the tasks and opportunities we’re going to press pause on?
  3. What are the task and activities we’re going to stop and say no to?

Having communicated the answers to these questions, we must then ensure that our actions match our words.

We must demonstrate to those that we lead that it’s absolutely ok not to be doing everything right now. Because the truth of the matter is, if we trying to do everything, we’ll likely do nothing well.

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