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Ben Morton – Founder

As a former Captain in the British Army, I have led people in life or death situations. My experience has taught me that leadership is both a great privilege and a great responsibility. Fundamentally, I believe that leadership is less about the tools and models and more about understanding what it truly means to be a leader.

For the past 10 years, I’ve had the privilege of working with senior leaders to help them nurture their teams to great success. I have a track record of helping CEOs turn around dysfunctional teams they have inherited and moving executive teams from good to great.

When off-duty, I can be found cycling the glorious countryside around Berkhamsted, training for big challenges such as riding all 3,460Kms of the Tour de France for charity or spending real, quality time with my wife and daughter.

Amanda Scurr – Chief Admin Officer

There is a saying in the Army that administration is “Not Officer’s Business”. I’m not sure I agree with that (and I’ll leave you to work at the acronym) but what I do know is that we wouldn’t be able to serve our clients to the standard that we do without Amanda. She leads the battle against mediocrity and ensures that we’re never scuppered by a lack of attention to detail.

When she’s not busy crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s, Amanda can be found walking the Northumberland Coast with her dogs.

Karen Page - Executive & Team Coach

Karen’s goal is to develop people to realise their fullest potential and find energy and courage to change what they discover and decide will improve their authentic leadership.

As an experienced, qualified Executive Coach and Therapist,Karen has a talent for responding intuitively to what lies beneath the surface in client interactions. She skillfully brings this to individual’s attention, enabling them to discover new and deeper perspectives. She gauges precisely the balance needed for people to achieve their outcomes.

When she’s not Coaching then Karen is a bit of a Pilates addict, loves the theatre and enjoys spending time with her family, walking, trail running and cycling in the Chiltern Hills.

Carola Becker - Nutrition Coach

Carola Becker is our Nutrition Coach and founder of Life is Good Nutrition.

She helps her clients make impressive changes to their mental and physical health: more energy, better stress resilience and improved cognitive performance.

As a corporate speaker she has been delivering cutting edge and engaging sessions on Nutrition and Lifestyle for forward thinking organisations like Michelmores, Tilney, Active Learning Group, Solaris Health, Devon & Cornwall Police and many more.

Carola’s passion is exercise, she is an early-riser and loves being outside, preferably cycling on the country lanes of her home in Devon.

You can find more information about her and her work on her website:

Susannah Cery - Community Manager

Having worked up the corporate media ladder, Susannah understands first-hand the importance of great leadership in a business and its impact on individuals.

Today Susannah is passionate about bringing people together, both online and offline, and creating communities to engage and support others.

A keen problem solver, she regularly contributes unique, off the wall ideas to help our communication stand out.

When Susannah's not on social media, you'll find her camping with her son on the UK coast, walking with the family dog in Hertfordshire or planning the next backpacking adventure to a far-flung, off the beaten track destination.

Sublime Marketing Design

Richard Hillier

We’d love it if all our work came as a result of people beating a path to our door, but the truth is we have to get out there and find like-minded individuals and businesses who we can help. Richard heads up our campaigns to find amazing new clients who believe what we believe and who are hungry to take their performance to an entirely new level.

When off-duty, Richard can be found hanging out with his twin daughters and organising Monty Python World Record attempts.

We are proud to have Sublime Marketing Design as a long-term business partner.

The Product Room

Ross Aitken

Ross is the Founder, Managing Director and creative driving force at the heart of The Product Room.

As a business, they share our belief that great training materials will never make up for a poorly designed programme or conference, but they can transform a programme from good to great. It's for this reason that we wouldn't trust our brand, or yours, with anyone else.

When he's not helping us take all that we do to the next level, Ross can be found spending fun time with his young family, helping coach at a local junior football club and playing the odd game of badminton.

Based in Newcastle, The Product Room have been designing stand-out materials, models and graphics for us for many years and we're proud to have them as another of our long term partners.