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5 game changing benefits of getting clear on your core values

#1 Living Purposefully

We have never been faced with so many choices and opportunities – both at work and at home. Even in our social lives, this can lead to feelings of confusion, overwhelm and guilt.

When we are clear on our values, we are better able to say yes and no to the right things. Living life on purpose, in line with our values.

#2 Connecting Authentically

We all put on a mask of some description when we go out into the world. Some of us even wear a mask when we’re with our loved ones. But wearing a mask means that we hide parts of our most authentic self and at the same time, pretend to be someone that we’re not.

When we’re clear on our values, we become increasingly comfortable in our own skin. And when we show up us the most authentic version of ourselves, we naturally connect more deeply with those around us.

#3 Leading Effectively

Leaders frequently operate in the grey. Many of the decisions we face to not have black and white, definitively correct answers.

Our ability to think clearly, make sound decisions and act in a consistent manner must therefore be based upon the things that are most important to us. In other words, we must lead from our core values.

#4 Acting Consistently

The world has never been so complex and leaders have never been faced with so many decisions. If we do not know what we stand for as a leader (or what our organisation stands for) then the decisions we make, and the actions we take, will appear erratic.

Those that we lead need consistency to play at their best. They need to be able to anticipate our decisions and understand our behaviours. Leading from values delivers this in abundance.

#5 Sleeping Soundly, Relaxing Fully

Taking the easy option is a short-termist approach. Yes, it allows us to move on in the moment, but we pay the price later. These “easy” decisions continue to cycle through our minds when we are trying to relax and unwind.

Leading from values enables us to make the tough, right decisions as opposed to the easy, wrong ones. Whilst these are harder in the moment, they bring an enduring sense of peace and certainty.

Bonus – The Golden Benefit

When all is said and done, there are only a few people whose judgement truly matters.

When we live and lead from our values it allows us to look those that we love the most in the eye, knowing that they would be proud of what we have done and how we have behaved.

But more importantly, it allows us to look ourselves in the mirror and know with total sincerity that we’ve been true to what we believe, and lived a life full of integrity.

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