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I regularly speak in front of large audiences at conferences and company offsites. I’ve previously spoken at Google, Samsung, The Very Group, E.on, and many more.

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Why Connection Is The True Currency of Leadership

In this keynote, I take you back 20 years to a defining moment in my life.

It’s the 17th March 2003. I’m a young Troop Commander in the British Army, leading 35 soldiers into Southern Iraq. The media is ablaze with reports of Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. The stakes are high, and lives are on the line.

Amid that uncertainty, I have to ask two soldiers to potentially sacrifice their lives in the most harrowing way imaginable.

It wasn’t just military training that led them to do as I asked; it was something more profound—a sense of connection and trust.

I reveal the secrets behind building and maintaining strong relationships that inspire unwavering commitment.

I draw on my rich and diverse experiences, spanning from the battlefield to the boardroom.

And in doing so, I will share some powerful relationship-building tools that will inspire and enable your leaders to generate a similar level of commitment.

After this talk, your people will:

  • Understand the importance of human connection in the workplace.
  • Be inspired to work hard at being a great leader, regardless of their position.
  • Have the tools to build great relationships, build their network and improve collaboration.
  • Be able to free up more mental bandwidth and deliver better results.

“Ben is really inspirational. He’s very good at understanding the context of the businesses he works with, and he helps cut through some of the noise. He’s a great mix of challenge and support that makes people feel safe enough to open up to him.”

“Ben gave one of the most sobering and thought-provoking lectures I’ve heard for a long time - what a story to finish with!”

Barry Cox - Merlin Entertainment

“If you want someone inspirational who can educate and provide perspective on how to lead in this modern day and age, absolutely get Ben involved 100%.”

“We had 100% positive feedback with many saying Ben’s talk was a real highlight of the day and a session they loved. What’s more, Ben had done his homework to make sure he was on message and had the context of the challenges our attendees face in their businesses.”

Ed Lawson - Intent Group