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Ben's Story

From a young age, I dreamed of serving in the British Army.

At the age of fifteen, I completed the rigorous selection process for potential officers, marking the commencement of a six-year journey dedicated to realising my childhood aspiration.

Not long after completing the gruelling 11-month course at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, I embarked on two demanding tours of duty in Iraq as a Lieutenant and later as a Captain.

It was amidst the trials of my first deployment in 2003, at just 23 years of age, that I grappled with a harrowing decision. A decision that further fueled my interest in leadership.

Returning from Iraq, I began to reflect on what it was that led two young soldiers to complete the horrendous and seemingly archaic request I had to make of them.

Since then, I’ve been committed to understanding and embodying the essence of authentic, effective leadership.

In 2006, I decided to leave the British Army, assuming the Global Head of HR role at World Challenge, later part of Tui Travel, before joining the ranks at Tesco, where I contributed to developing their Leadership Academy.

Throughout these seven years, I continued to reflect upon and amalgamate military leadership principles with the demands of the corporate landscape while delving deep into the intricacies of adult learning and habit formation.

In 2011, I noticed a flaw in many leadership development programmes: an overreliance on tools and models, fostering a contrived, “leadership by numbers” ethos that I found dishearteningly familiar.

Determined to effect change, I drew on the courage and resilience I learned in the Army and set up Ben Morton Leadership.

My mission is to guide us all towards a more authentic style of leadership identity. I want to help you and your people to ‘be’ leaders instead of ‘doing’ leadership.

Alongside my military and corporate career, I have also led soldiers and students on developmental expeditions worldwide to places as diverse as the Himalayas, Malaysia and the Mongolian Steppe. My experience now spans from the battlefield to the boardroom and beyond.

One aspect of exceptional leadership, regardless of the working environment, is an unquenchable thirst for knowledge—a principle I teach and embody in my relentless pursuit of self-improvement.

With my diverse background of military and corporate experience fortified by a profound understanding of leadership, psychology, applied neuroscience and coaching, I offer a unique approach to leadership development, performance coaching, and keynote speaking.

Today, my sole focus is on helping leaders and their teams to move beyond management and ‘leadership by models’ to create a world where everyone is inspired to give their best at work whilst going home to their loved ones feeling recognised for what they do and appreciated for who they are.

Leadership Philosophy

What I do

I help leaders and their teams reach their full potential through inspirational leadership training, coaching and keynote speeches.

I believe a leader exists to support, develop, and look after the people they have the privilege and responsibility to lead so that they can deliver the results for which the leader is accountable.

Everything I do hinges on this one core belief.

Everyone we lead is more than an employee - they’re the most important person in the world to someone.

What we say and do doesn’t just affect those we lead Monday to Friday from 9 until 5.

Our actions are like dropping a pebble in the centre of a perfectly still pond. They reverberate beyond work and deep into people’s personal lives.

In this world, people have a choice about where and how hard they work.

Our job as leaders is to inspire them to come to work and give their best while ensuring their contributions are recognised and deeply valued.

Alongside these principles and my own diverse leadership experiences, my values serve as the compass guiding every decision I make, especially in the face of ambiguity.

I'm proud to be authentic

I'm true to my values and strive to live up to them daily

I’m dedicated to being of service to my clients and followers

I’m positively restless, continually seeking to be better tomorrow than today

Ben’s Books

Mission: Leadership – Lifting The Mask

Mission: Leadership – Lifting The Mask

In our workplaces there are victims, villains and heroes. Which are you? And how do you shift from being the victim or the villain to the hero? Excellent leadership liberates teams and individuals— allowing you to create great results, enjoy your work and appreciate the company you work for. Villainous leadership leaves behind a trail of disaster, broken individuals and teams, low morale and poor results. In Mission: Leadership Ben Morton uncovers what makes a great leader and reveals how you too can become great. Ben’s rich and dramatic experience as a leader, in the army and in the corporate world, provides the backdrop to the core principles of leadership.

Don’t Just Manage-Coach! Unlocking Your Team’s Potential

Don’t Just Manage-Coach! Unlocking Your Team’s Potential

Why just manage, when you can coach your team to success? Ensure that you are leading your team, rather than micromanaging. Create valuable new ways of thinking in times of crisis. Discover practical models that will help you coach your team.

The Little Book of Leadership

The Little Book of Leadership

There is a simple formula to help you lead your team to greater success. Basics Done Well + Ruthless Consistency = High Performance. In this pocket-sized book you will find tiny ideas and tips that, when applied consistently, will transform your leadership abilities, the relationships you have with your team and the results they achieve.