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Leadership Development Programmes

Take your organisation’s leadership capability to new heights with my tailor-made leadership development programmes. I’ll work alongside your HR or Learning and Development Function to create a high-impact, in-person experience to inspire your people and deliver tangible business results.

My programmes are designed to deliver real results, empowering your leaders to excel in their roles and inspire their teams.

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Values Discovery Session

I designed the Values Discovery Session to help your team move from good to great.

By pausing to understand and share your core values, you’ll feel more connected to one another and leave the workshop with a greater understanding of what drives your colleagues’ behaviour.

With a combination of on-demand video content and live facilitated sessions, your team of 6-10 people will gain the tools and techniques they need to unlock their full potential and achieve greater success.

This short workshop offers practical guidance on identifying and applying core values to personal and professional goals.

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What to expect

All my programmes are designed with a deep understanding of how adults learn.

There is no death by PowerPoint, awkward role-play or random games and energisers. Instead, my programmes contain meaningful, experiential activities, group discussions and practical action planning to solve your business challenges and capitalise on on your opportunities.

As a qualified practitioner in Applied Neuroscience and Behavioural Change, the programmes I design are rich, both in the content that the participants explore and the learning experience itself.

"Best leadership course in a long career. Insightful and practical."

Richard Luck - Samsung UK

Who have I worked with?

I’m proud to have been invited to work with and advise some of the world’s leading brands and a host of smaller organisations and charities.

Clients say working with me leaves them feeling inspired, motivated and full of ideas to put into action.

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Connection sits at the core of what it means to be human; it’s also the currency of leadership. So once you’ve looked around, drop me a line and let’s connect.

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