Strengthscope Profile & 360 Degree Feedback

Take a strengths-based approach to leadership excellence that empowers your people to bring their best selves to work.

When you truly understand, accept, and embrace your unique strengths, you can start to lead authentically and inspire others.

Historically, leaders were expected to look, sound and behave in a way that often stifled authenticity and true leadership excellence.

But why not play to your strengths?

Why not use those inner qualities that energise you to help your team drive business performance?

We need leaders who can be their best while energising, engaging and motivating their people. Using your strengths authentically and genuinely will spark this in your teams.

Strengthscope360™ is the world’s first 360-degree strengths profiler.

As an accredited Strengscope Practitioner, I can help you use this powerful tool to give valuable insight into how others see you, how effectively you are using your strengths in the workplace, how you are managing your performance risks and how you can strengthen your performance.

The Strengthscope 360 assessment will reveal your top talents and unearth your hidden strengths. It will also help you understand how others see you so that you can leverage the feedback of your people to improve performance and become a more engaged leader and team member in your organisation.

A journey of self-discovery

Are others seeing your strengths?

Are they picking up on your energy?

Awaken your appreciation of yourself by accessing feedback from the people you work with based on your top strengths.

What to expect from your Strengthscope Profile and Debrief

You’ll have an initial call discuss the process of completing your Strengthscope Profile and gathering 360-degree feedback.

Once the profile is complete, you’ll have a 90-minute coaching and debrief session to explore your profile. This session will take place via Microsoft Teams, or you can visit my offices in Berkhamsted.

Your investment for the profile and debrief is £466 + VAT.

Add a one-hour follow-up coaching session for a further investment of £295 +VAT.

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