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9 more lessons from 2017…to help you win in 2018

#1. Get out of your head

If you’re wrestling with something and can’t seem to find a way forward, empty your head into a journal. Turn over a crisp, fresh page and download all that you are thinking and feeling. Write down your perfect outcome, the current situation, your thoughts, feelings, opportunities, risks and fears.

There is no need to follow a prescriptive process; just give yourself time and space then allow the solutions to appear.


#2. Focus on delivering outstanding value

When you focus on delivering outstanding value, you will stand out. Full stop. Period.


#3. Play the long game

Anything worthwhile takes time. If your dream is really your dream, then focus on winning in the long-term as opposed to being a short-lived overnight success story.

Bonus tip: be wary of the “Fail fast and fail quickly” cliché. The words we use have a powerful effect on our experience of life.

Is failing quickly really what you are aiming for or is the goal to win in the long term?


#4. Have a theme for the year

Invest the time in developing a theme for the year ahead. If it is strong enough and you connect to it on a deep, emotional level your life will unfold in accordance with it. Once you’ve identified your theme, write it in your journal or on a piece of paper where you will see it every day, then work towards it with relentless passion and energy.

If you do, I guarantee 2018 will be a great year for you.


#5. Plan in de-loading periods

I’m an early riser, a relentless learner, a constant thinker and fanatical road-biker. More importantly I’m a husband striving to be better and a proud father who is trying to be a brilliant role model to his wonderful daughter. I love my life, I love getting up at 5:15 to run and all that I cram into my schedule. And…I’ve realised that I’m at my very best when I consciously ease off every 4th week.

Work out what routine works best for you and schedule it into your diary. Your body, mind, friends and family will thank you for it.


#6. Compound interest is for life, not just your finances

Lots of tiny investments, made consistently over time will add up to create huge returns. Investing your time and money in accordance with your vision will bring massive rewards in the long run, as will striving to make small daily improvements in every area of your life and business.


#7. Carve out time to think

I believe this is a non-negotiable for leaders. The way most of us work simply doesn’t work. We work longer and harder in an attempt to get everything done and end up becoming reactive, busy fools. We sacrifice our health, hobbies, and time with our loved ones and friends for work in the hope that we’ll get the balance back when we’re “successful”.

Five years ago I realised that’s a broken formula, found a better way and have been reaping the rewards ever since.  You can too.


#8. Out-think, out-learn and out-live your competition

Create a daily habit of thinking, learning and practicing self-care. When you do this you will have all of the energy and expertise to win in the long run, and enjoy life to the full.


#9. Face into conflict and uncomfortable situations

If something that is important to you is not right then you have three choices.

Option one – tackle it head on in the best way you can whilst being true to your values.

Option two – find a way to let go and move on; that may involve ending a relationship, winding-up a project or cutting your losses and starting again.

Option three – stick your head in the sand like an ostrich, complain to everyone around you and become a victim.


Which of these nine lessons resonates most with you?

What did you learn in 2017 that you’re going to apply in 2018?

I’d love to hear from you.

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