A Conversation with AI

Did you identify the infiltrator on episode 158 of my podcast?

James Mitchell isn’t a real guest.

In fact, the James Mitchell I advertised doesn’t exist, and Vitality Corps isn’t a real company. If you haven’t listened yet, the episode link is at the bottom of the page.

If you’re now wondering what you were listening to, let me tell you.



The episode content was generated by AI and spoken by an actor.

AI curated leadership tips and advice after trawling the internet for existing content and business scenarios.

Why did I spend the time doing this?

With AI becoming integrated into our lives, we need to be aware of the breadth of information that can be gleaned and presented as fact.

My promise to you is that all of my leadership content, except this episode, is authentically unique and based on 20 years of leadership experience, neurological qualifications and a lifetime of learning.


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Until next time, keep looking after those you have the privilege and responsibility to lead.

Your coach,

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