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Adopting a 4-Day Work Week for Your Business with Simon Ursell

This week we have an incredibly timely episode as I’m interviewing the MD of one of the organisations in the UK’s 4-day working week trial that has just published its initial findings.  


Simon Ursell is the Managing Director and founder of Tyler Grange, an environmental consultancy and B-corp, which he has led for 13 years, growing the company to become a market leader from start-up to nearly 100 people in 6 offices across the UK.   


Simon’s focus on emotional fitness and environmental impact is helping founders and companies thrive, not just survive. Having led a business to achieve growth through two recessions, he fundamentally believes that change is always good.  


He believes in challenging the norm, being willing to do things differently and taking risks. Having interviewed him for this episode, it strikes me that it’s this combination of traits and beliefs that lead to Tyler Grange’s 4-day work week trial being so outstandingly successful.  


In this episode you’ll hear me reference an incredible, lessons learned document that Simon’s team shared with me ahead of the show. I really encourage you to click on the link in the show notes and grab that document right now. It’s absolute gold dust! 



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Lesson learned | The 4-Day Work Week:    

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