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Becoming a CEO with Shannon Minifie

This show is a great case study into what can happen when we’re brave enough to try something new and overcome the fear of launching something that’s not  perfect… after all, done is often better than perfect.


This podcast started during the early months of covid as a little curiosity project and here we are 100 episodes later, having had the opportunity and privilege to interview some truly fantastic guests.


Some of them have been well known leaders from big businesses, and many have been what I would describe as truly incredible, every-day leaders. Whatever their background or notoriety, they’ve all been equally interesting and inspiring.


But now let me introduce today’s guest… Shannon Minifie who is the CEO of Box of Crayons. She began in academia, a pursuit driven by her desire to be a part of conversations she thinks are important. She embarked on the learning and development path in 2016, bringing with her more than a decade of experience in education and in practicing incisive investigation.


Shannon has a PhD in English, and while literature and literary criticism persist as her favourite hobby, she is thrilled to lead the team at Box of Crayons whose key mission is to unleash the power of curiosity. 


We spoke at length in this episode about her transition into the CEO role, and her top tips from successfully taking over as CEO from the company’s founder – Michael Bungay Stanier – who I interviewed in episode 78.


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