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Becoming the Managing Partner with Pauline Rigby

This week we are joined by Pauline Rigby, who has been the Managing Partner at Forbes Solicitors since May 2022.


Pauline joined Forbes Solicitors over 20 years ago, straight from University beginning her career as a Paralegal. 


She qualified as a solicitor in 2005 specialising in corporate and company law and headed up the Corporate department for many years as well as taking an active and significant role in the commercial strategic direction of the firm as a commercial Partner.


Pauline was also Training Principal at the firm, responsible for recruiting  graduates and mentoring them throughout the training and their early years as lawyers.


In her role as Managing Partner, Pauline’s main responsibility is day-to-day management of the firm alongside the Executive Board; leading, coaching and assisting the Partnership, the Directors, and the wider team. 


We covered a lot of ground in this episode and spoke about staying fresh and keeping an external focus when you’ve worked in one organisation for a long time. We discussed leadership styles, letting go of jobs you used to do and what it’s like to step into the Managing Partner role with just a few week’s notice!


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