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Bianca Robinson is on a mission to inspire business leaders and the public to use their power and influence as a means to create a fairer and more equal society. She is driven by the urgent need for social justice change for a more equitable society, and being a great role model for her twin daughters.


Nothing has shocked Bianca more than seeing rough sleepers carving out an existence – on the Strand in London, Piccadilly in Manchester, Lothian Road in Edinburgh, Northumberland Street in Newcastle – and how we’ve allowed homelessness to be accepted and normalised in Britain.


It was this that lead her to become the CEO of CEO Sleepout, a UK charity that holds national events to raise money from those who have it: from business leaders, business owners, execs to movers and shakers in cities across the UK, and redistributes that money  to charities working on the frontline of homelessness, changing people’s lives.

So far more than 3,800 executives have raised £2,900,000, providing over 100 charities with the funds to change countless lives.


If you want to get involved there are three ways to do so.


  • Visit their website via the link in the show notes below.
  • Sign up and join a Sleepout via the same link.
  • Sponsor my Sleepout at Lords on 22 November for which I match funding every penny donated… Again, you can find the link in the show notes.


On behalf of Bianca and all of the UK’s rough sleepers, let me say thanks in advance for your support with this. And now, without any further delay, please enjoy my incredible conversation with Bianca Robinson.


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