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Alex Chisnell is a man who spent several years working alongside the iconic Sir Richard Branson onboard Virgin Atlantic flights.  


You’ve no doubt read a Book or two written by Richard Branson and seen many of his quotes shared on social media, but in this episode, you’ll gain unique insights from Alex’s firsthand experience with the legendary entrepreneur.  


Alex has had an eclectic career.  


He started out working for the BBC in journalism before jacking it all in to explore the world as cabin crew with Virgin Atlantic, where he progressed up through the ranks.   


Since then, he’s become a serial entrepreneur, starting multiple businesses.  



Key Takeaways  


  1. Uncomplicated Vision Building 


Discover the art of creating a straightforward and un-complicated vision, analogous to a flight plan, for your team. Learn how simplicity can enhance clarity and guide your team’s journey.  


  1. Top Tips for Team Formation 


Alex shares three invaluable tips for quickly fostering the formation and effective collaboration of new teams. These practical insights can streamline team dynamics and productivity.  


  1. Leadership Lessons from the Sky 


Explore leadership and management tips gleaned from Alex’s experiences alongside Sir Richard Branson during Virgin Atlantic flights. Uncover practical strategies that can be applied in various leadership scenarios.  


  1. The Power of Relationship Building 


Alex emphasizes the significance of relationship-building and maintaining connections. Gain insights into actionable steps for establishing and nurturing meaningful professional connections.  


Closing Thoughts  

This episode offers a rare glimpse into the world of Sir Richard Branson through the eyes of Alex Chisnell.  


As you navigate the leadership landscape, leverage the simplicity of vision, implement effective team formation strategies, and apply practical leadership tips to elevate your journey.   


Connect with Alex on his podcast, Screw It Just Do It, to delve deeper into the world of successful entrepreneurs.

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