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Sarah Powell is a seasoned leader in sports governance, and became Chief Executive at British Gymnastics in October 2021. 


Previously CEO of Sport Wales, she led successful initiatives, including the record-breaking Commonwealth Games. In addition to her role at British Gymnastics, Sarah has held key positions, including Chair of the Women’s Equality Network Wales at Ryder Cup Wales Limited. 


Beyond her professional achievements in sports governance, Sarah boasts an impressive sports career, captaining Wales in international hockey with over 70 senior caps. 


In this episode Ben and Sarah delve into the ties of building high-performing teams and fostering a culture of collaboration. 


Key Takeaways 


1.Redefining Team Dynamics 


Sarah challenges the myth that successful teams are solely built on personal likability. She emphasizes the crucial role of respect in creating high-performing teams. 


  1. Teamwork vs. Teamship 


The duo explores the concept of ‘teamship’ and debates whether it should be actively taught. Sarah shares insights into the elements that contribute to effective teamwork. 


  1. Cultivating a Culture of Healthy Discourse 


Sarah sheds light on the significance of creating a workplace culture that not only allows but encourages healthy challenge and debate. The discussion extends to the importance of embracing diversity of thought. 


  1. The Power of Vulnerability 


Delving into the leadership aspect, Sarah and Ben discuss the delicate balance between vulnerability and strength. Discover how leaders can harness the power of vulnerability without compromising their authority. 


Closing Thoughts 


Sarah Powell provides valuable insights into team dynamics, culture building, and effective leadership. This episode challenges conventional beliefs about teamwork and offers a fresh perspective on creating thriving, collaborative environments.

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