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Defining Leadership and Success with Philippa McNamara

Philippa McNamara is a seasoned business leader renowned for her commercial acumen, marketing expertise, and brand leadership in both retail and wholesale sectors.  


Philippa is a dynamic change agent with a portfolio spanning business startups, brand management, product development, B2C and B2B sales and marketing, sourcing, and distribution.   


She also boasts a wealth of experience as an executive and non-executive director, with a unique role as the Governor of a prestigious independent day school that transitioned to co-education after 500 years, where she serves as the first woman chair of the school committee.  


Philippa’s leadership journey includes her role as a founding director of Kin, a part of the Wilko group of companies. At Kin, she spearheads transformative initiatives that empower hardworking families to enhance their homes and gardens using sustainable products crafted by an in-house team of award-winning product designers.  


Episode Highlights:  


  1. Defining Leadership and Success:

Philippa McNamara shares her perspective on leadership, what it means to her, and the key traits that have propelled her to success in her diverse career.  


  1. The Power of Listening in Leadership:

Discover the significance of active listening in leadership, a skill that Philippa highlights as invaluable for fostering effective collaboration and informed decision-making.  


  1. Navigating Challenges and Learning from Them:

Philippa reflects on her most significant leadership challenges and the invaluable lessons she has gleaned from these experiences.  


  1. Balancing Collaboration and Decision-Making:

Gain insights into the delicate art of balancing collaboration with decisive leadership. Philippa explores strategies for making well-informed decisions while involving others in the process.  


  1. Trust and Gut Instinct:

Explore the nuanced aspects of trust and gut instinct in leadership. Philippa offers her perspective on how these elements can guide leaders to make impactful choices.  


Join us for an enriching conversation with Philippa McNamara, as we delve into the multifaceted world of leadership, brand management, and sustainable transformation.  


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