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Delegation is a critical leadership skill, yet it’s one that many leaders struggle to master. The truth of the matter is, there are some managers that don’t manage, and there are plenty of leaders that don’t lead.  

Instead, these ‘sudo’ leaders and managers try to do everything themselves by working a little longer, harder and faster than they did prior to getting their last promotion.

But this approach never works because there will always be too many tasks and not enough time.

In contrast, Leaders and managers who delegate have more time to focus on high-impact tasks, thereby maximizing their own effectiveness. And assigning work to staff members also increases the output and value of the entire team, as it allows concurrent activity.

You’re about to hear from six highly successful leaders who have all previously appeared on the show, sharing their first-hand, hard-won tips for effective delegation:

You will hear from:

  • Sophie Hooper, CEO and Founder of Secret Saviours
  • Rob Moore, property investor, businessman, author, speaker and pilot
  • Craig Moody, Managing Partner at the Verdis Group
  • Luke Doherty, Managing Director at Mindful Peak Performance
  • Garik Tate, AI Futurist, Serial Entrepreneur, and Product Development Coach
  • Lisa Bragg, Founder and CEO of MediaFace and author

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