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Dr John Demartini | The Value of Values

In this episode we’re joined by a world-renowned specialist in human behaviour, researcher, author and global educator… Dr John Demartini.


He was just recently selected as Top Human Behaviour Specialist of the Year

for 2020 by the IAOTP for his outstanding leadership and commitment to the profession.


Dr. Demartini is the founder of the global education organization, the Demartini Institute which has over 72 courses on self-development, life mastery and leadership in its extensive curriculum. Dr. Demartini’s knowledge is the culmination of over 48 years of cross-disciplinary research. 


This research has led him to write in excess of 40 self-development books including the best-seller “The Breakthrough Experience” and the “Values Factor” which we discuss in this episode. This episode really is a deep-dive into the value of core values for us as leaders and individuals.


Dr Demartini smashes myth after myth in this episode which I found fascinating; he also shares some really practical ways in which we can use our values to live a more fulfilled life and become a more effective leader. The most interesting of these was his method of “delegating or linking’.


If this episode has got you interested in Personal Values, you can download my FREE 12 page values toolkit via the link in the show notes


So, without any further delay please enjoy this fascinating conversation with values expert, Dr John Demartini.




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