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Eddie Rivers began his career in the US Army and graduated from West Point Military Academy in 1980 with a BSc General Engineering. He then went on to earn a Masters in Systems Management from the University of Southern California and a Masters of Jurisprudence Degree at IU in 2017. Despite this, he never shares his post nominals which is testament to his humility… and his desire to learn in order to better serve those he leads.


In this episode Eddie brings his experience from over 25 years of corporate leadership for billion-dollar revenue companies. As Co-Founder and President of Rivers Resources & Esource Resources, Eddie oversees all aspects of the company’s efforts to build a diverse business.


At the end of our conversation, I asked Eddie what he thinks are the three key traits for leaders in business today, and his answer (which I won’t spoil here!) seemed so aligned with everything he shared up to that point.


Before we get into the episode, let me talk to you about The CEO SleepOut which is a charity I’m proudly supporting right now. 


CEO Sleepout UK is a national movement and a registered charity that aims to unite business leaders – those with the influence and power to do things differently – behind a call to end homelessness. 


They hold CEO Sleepout events in cities across the UK, from Alnwick to Portsmouth, and everywhere in between, unlocking understanding, empathy and raising big money, the majority of which is ploughed back to charities working tirelessly on the front line of homelessness in each host city.


So far more than 3,800 executives have raised £2,900,000, providing over 100 charities with the funds to change countless lives.


If you want to get involved there are a number of ways to do so:


  • Listen to episode 55 where I speak with their CEO, Bianca Robinson.
  • Visit their website via the link below.
  • Sign up and join a sleepout via the same link.
  • Sponsor my sleepout at Lords on 22 November for which I’m match funding every penny donated. See the link below.


Thanks for your support with this, and now, without any further delay… please enjoy my conversation with Eddie Rivers.


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  • Loved the podcast with Eddie Rivers. I have known him since 1975 when we attended high school together and played baseball and football. He was much smarter than all of us then (being a military brat) but it’s admirable to hear him speak of that compared to his West Point humility. Eddie is a class act, inspired leader and longtime friend Thank you for the content of your questions to Eddie as it allowed him to open himself up to others who don’t know him and also someone like me who has really seen him grow and soar.

    Posted: 26th January 2022

    • Thanks for your comments Willie; I really appreciate it. I only know him from a few conversations leading up to the interview but I totally agree…a class act and a wonderful human being. #LeadOn

      Posted: 7th February 2022

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