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Episode #014 – Dan Hawley. MD, PLB Group

Welcome to Season Two of my podcast!


I’ve been blown away by the overwhelmingly positive response that we got to the first season. Thank you so much for your kind words support, feedback and all of the social media shares. And most importantly, thanks for listening to the show.


I’m so excited about Season Two as we have some incredible guests already confirmed for the show. I know that you’re going to love listening to them, you’re going to learn loads from them and I think you’ll be pretty inspired too.


But that’s enough about the future…


In this episode, I’m joined by Dan Hawley, MD of PLB Group.


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Episode Overview – Dan Hawley


Dan joined PLB in 2000 after starting his career as a Futures Trader, and began running the business as Managing Director in 2007. Dan leads an established yet entrepreneurial company who specialise in innovation within the retail sector. He works with some of the world’s most loved brands, has a committed team and works relentlessly hard to encourages a positive, inspirational working environment 


As always, we covered so much ground in our 30 minute conversations including things such as the human element of leadership, creating your own luck in business, as well as what it takes to make some bold, strategic decisions early on in your tenure as MD that will stand you in good stead.



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