Ep #018 – Edwina Dunn, OBE. CEO, The Female Lead

I’m absolutely delighted to be able to bring you this episode and my interview with Edwina Dunn, OBE.

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Episode Overview – Edwina Dunn

Edwina is one of the most successful leaders in the data industry, with a career of delivering transformational business change. She founded Dunnhumby with her husband in 1989, a company that revolutionised the world of retail and consumer goods when they pioneered the Tesco Clubcard and other global loyalty programmes. 

Edwina is also the former Chairman at Starcount, a consumer insights and digital consultancy.  More recently, she founded The Female Lead, a foundation celebrating the achievements and diversity of women; donating 18,000 copies of The Female Lead: Women Who Shape Our World to schools and universities across the UK and USA. In 2019 Edwina received an OBE for her services to data and business in the UK and is also on the Boards of both the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation and the Geospatial Commission. 

In this episode Edwina shares her experience of working in a male-dominated industry and her thoughts on how to overcome those. She also speaks about how you need to maintain the essence and culture of a business as it scales rapidly around the globe, and much, much more.

Please enjoy my interview with Edwina Dunn, OBE.




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