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Ep #020 – Andrew Southcott. MD, Captivate Group

Thanks for joining me for episode 20 of the show and my interview with Andrew Southcott, who is the Managing Director of Captivate Group.


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Episode Overview – Andrew Southcott


Captivate Group is a multi-award winning collection of creative agencies providing connected thinking across social, design, PR, influencer, experiential and in-store retail. Andrew has been with the independent business for 6 years progressing from employee, to shareholder and finally to MD. 


This episode came about after I stumbled upon a LinkedIn post that Andrew wrote summarising his first 90 days in post as the MD. So this episode really is a first hand, extremely current,  conversation about what it’s like to step into the MD role. In our conversation we touch on his thoughts about the new role, along with what he practically did in those first days, along with his reflections several months in.


Without any further delay, please enjoy my interview with Andrew Southcott.




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