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Ep #022 – David Brown. CEO, The Go-Ahead Group

Thanks for joining me for episode 22 of the show and my interview with David Brown, CEO of The Go-Ahead Group.


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Episode Overview


The Go-Ahead group is an international transport group and one of the UK’s leading public transport providers. They operate bus services across the UK, they are the largest operator of bus services in London as well as running services in Ireland and Singapore.


In addition, Go-Ahead’s rail operation is the busiest in the UK, responsible for over 30% of all train passenger journeys. They also operate rail contracts in Norway and Germany.


David Brown became the Groups Chief Executive in July 2011 and has now spent longer in post than is the average for CEOs of large UK businesses; something I asked him about during our conversation.


In this conversation we talk a lot about resilience, the challenges of stepping into more and more senior roles and how change is essential for sustained success.


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