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Carola is a forward-thinking Nutritionist and Fitness Instructor with a focus on brain health and performance. As well as running her own business, she works as our in-house nutritionist at Ben Morton Leadership. I’m very grateful to have gotten to know over the past few years. 

She has been delivering cutting edge, inspirational and engaging talks on Nutrition and Lifestyle for leading organisations in the UK and Europe, including the European Athletics Coaching Association.

She works with corporates and individuals so they can shape rewarding food and lifestyle routines, for a greater feeling of wellbeing and readiness for every challenge life throws at them. I can personally recommend Carola’s services as she was instrumental in preparation for riding the entire Tour de France route for charity in 2019.

Carola is also part of the complementary therapy team at University of Exeter and runs award-winning Wellbeing Retreats in amazing locations in the UK, north Africa and the US.



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