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Often described as a Millenial trapped in a Baby Boomer’s body, today we’re joined by Ira Wolfe, a prolific keynote speaker and author of multiple books including ‘Recruiting in the Age of Googalization’. Ira is the President of Poised for the Future Company, and President and Chief Googlization Officer at Success Performance Solutions. He ranks in the Top 5 Global Thought Leaders in the Future of Work, and HR on Thinkers 360. 


He also hosts his own podcast – ‘Geeks, Geezers and Googalization’, and is on a personal mission to unlock the secrets of human adaptability, ensuring no one is left behind living in the fastest period of change in history.


Ira and I spoke about the future of work, whether he thinks the Covid-19 pandemic is a one-off freak event, operating in a VUCA world, and why he believes adaptability is the most in demand skill for leaders right now.



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