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Today we are talking about having difficult conversations and looking after our teams with Lesslie Young, CEO of Epilepsy Scotland – a role she’s been in since 2009.


Her interest in improving the lives of those who live with epilepsy is born out of professional and personal experience. As a qualified nurse and midwife, she has seen the impact that this long-term condition has had, and as the mother, she has experienced the real impact epilepsy has on the individual, the family and the community they live in.


Lesslie is a long-standing member of the Institute of Directors, the Criminal Justice Disability Advisory Group, the Police Scotland Independent Ethics Advisory Group and a panel member in the Social Entitlement Chamber of the judiciary.


In this episode we speak about the challenges and opportunities associated with leading in the charitable or third sector, along with creating an organisational culture that enables the people to quickly and successfully adapt to change. In addition, we dive deep into Lesslie’s thoughts and approach to having difficult conversations and looking after the people that you lead.



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