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Finishing the Year Strong

In this solo episode, your host, Ben Morton, explores the crucial concept of “Finishing the Year Strong.” As the year draws to a close, it’s essential for leaders to prioritize tasks, prevent burnout, and achieve their highest-priority objectives. Ben provides valuable insights and ten practical tips to help leaders wrap up the year on a successful note.  


Episode Highlights  


  1. Defining “Finishing the Year Strong

In this episode, Ben Morton defines what it means to “Finish the Year Strong.” He emphasizes the importance of achieving your highest-priority tasks and avoiding the all-too-common burnout that occurs when leaders suddenly stop work for the Christmas holidays.  


  1. The Productivity Paradox

Ben draws inspiration from Oliver Burkeman’s book, ‘4000 Weeks,’ and discusses the productivity paradox. He explores the idea that, despite the belief that we “should” be able to get everything done, we have a finite amount of time. Ben encourages leaders to embrace the reality that they won’t be able to accomplish everything and must make strategic choices about their priorities.  


  1. John Adair’s Task, Team, and Individual Model

Ben organises his ten tips for finishing the year strong under the three main categories of John Adair’s Task, Team, and Individual Model. These tips cover a range of leadership strategies and approaches to help leaders navigate the challenges of year-end tasks and goals.  


These 10 tips include ideas such as;  

The Ripple Effect  

The Appreciation Factor  

The Adaptive Leader  

Ruthless Prioritisation, plus lots more. 


In this episode, Ben Morton provides a wealth of insights and practical advice to guide leaders in achieving their highest-priority tasks and finishing the year strong. 


Whether you’re a seasoned executive or an emerging leader, these tips will help you maintain focus, prevent burnout, and accomplish your year-end objectives. 


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