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Craig Moody is the co-founder of Verdis Group, a sustainability consultancy that is dedicated to helping large organisations identify and implement ways to be more sustainable and climate resilient. 


In addition to leading significant growth for Verdis over the past 12 years, he was elected to the Omaha Public Power District Board of Directors in 2016. He served as board chair in 2020 and currently serves as the chair of the board’s System Management & Nuclear Oversight Committee. 


In this episode we speak about being ‘People Positive’ and ‘Complexity Conscious’ which are two of the underpinning principles at Verdis. 


We explore how you can keep people connected to the vision and the value of planning in a complex and ever-changing world. 


On top of that, we also had a fascinating and unplanned chat about the importance of embracing healthy challenges within a team.




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Find Out More About Verdis Group:


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