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Jane Finette | Empowering Women and Letting Go of Control

In this episode we’re joined by Jane Finette who is an author, a leadership expert, and the Founder and Executive Director of The Coaching Fellowship, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of young women leaders in social change.


Prior to this, she was a Big Tech executive at Mozilla and eBay who has dedicated her life to achieving equality for women — empowering them to create impact across the world.


Jane’s passion, expertise, and two decades of experience is anchored at the intersection of technology and human potential. At her core, she empowers individuals and communities to solve the world’s largest, most persistent, and perennial problems.


Jane is the author of the book ‘Unlocked — How Empowered Women Empower Women’, a referendum on women’s inequality and a toolkit for leveling the playing field for women and girls. It’s part inspiration, part practical guide.


‘Unlocked’ was written to encourage and empower women to take action into their own hands, and to reach gender equality in our lifetime.


Before we get into the episode though I have an ad from one of our sponsors, estarli.


Before we get into the episode I have an ad for you from our very first sponsor – a brand that I’m incredibly excited to talk about. Partly because they’re based in my hometown and partly because I love what they do and create.


Let me introduce you to estarli, an alternative transport solutions company making electric bikes.


They say their eBikes are for everywhere and in my view, they’re also for everyone.


If I’m totally honest, when electric bikes first hit the market, I was pretty skeptical and dismissive of them as an avid road biker… but that says more about my thinking at the time than the bikes.


Having spent the last week using one to commute to and from my office, I’m now a huge fan. The addition of the motor means that I can quickly and easily get to and from work without being sweaty, and a little disheveled when I get there!


And let’s face it, the two-mile trip each way pedaling on a standard bike isn’t really going to touch the sides in terms of building fitness for my next 100mile race! 


The e20 model is light yet sturdy and foldable yet stylish, and I love it because it comes in orange, amongst other colours.


It’s got a 50km range, Shimano 7 speed gear set, 5 power modes, and a removable battery for easy charging.


It also comes with 20-inch wheels, chunky tyres, disc brakes as well as being road legal and available on cycle schemes. And the best thing? It doesn’t even look like an eBike!


Our friends over at estarli are giving you a free helmet with your order when you use the discount code, ‘benmorton’ – all lower case – and we’ve included the web link in the show notes below.


But for now, let’s get back to this episode which is longer than most because my conversation with Jane just kept on flowing.


We spent a lot of time discussing authentic leadership and how we can learn from others whilst being true to who we are and what we stand for.


We went back to her time at Mozilla and looked at creating a culture, empowering and leading people when they don’t actually work for you and as you would expect, we explored her mission to level the playing field for women in the world of work.



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