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In this episode of The Ben Morton Leadership Podcast, Ben delves into the crucial topic of motivation. More specifically, how to ensure your team does not become de-motivated.   


Episode Highlights  


  1. The 2023 Workplace Motivation Landscape 


Ben explores the latest statistics and trends around workplace motivation in 2023, providing a snapshot of the current motivational landscape.   


  1. Leadership Pitfalls 


Discover the unintentional actions leaders often take that can demotivate their teams. Ben sheds light on common pitfalls that hinder rather than inspire.   


  1. Identifying Workplace Demotivators  


Uncover the top demotivators in the workplace and understand how to navigate these challenges to foster a more motivated team.   


  1. Three Key Motivational Factors 


Ben outlines three pivotal factors that drive motivation and offers practical insights on incorporating them into daily leadership practices.   


  1. Revamping Motivational Approaches  


Understand why conventional motivational tools might fall short and learn effective strategies to revamp your approach, ensuring greater success.   


  1. The Power of a Hidden Gem  


Ben reveals a remarkably simple yet powerful motivational tool that is often overlooked, emphasizing its impact on team morale and productivity.   


Closing Thoughts   


As Ben wraps up, he leaves you with valuable takeaways to reinvigorate your team and enhance your leadership effectiveness. 

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