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Leadership Alchemy and Mental Health with Rebekah Cresswell

Rebekah Cresswell, CEO of Priory, the UK’s top mental health and social care provider, brings a wealth of healthcare leadership experience.  


With a nursing degree from the University of Liverpool and a Masters in Health Service Management from Manchester Business School, she stands at the forefront of healthcare leadership.   


Her journey in the UK healthcare sector has been marked by significant contributions. Rebekah’s roles include being the Head of Governance & Quality Improvement at NHS Stockport and later the Assistant Director of Clinical Quality & Patient Safety at NHS Northwest Strategic Health Authority. In 2012, Rebekah joined Priory, and her dedication and leadership skills led her to become the Chief Operating Officer of its Adult Care division in 2018, where she successfully oversaw 240 sites across the UK.  


In a groundbreaking move, Rebekah was appointed as Priory’s first female CEO in November 2021, following the merger with MEDIAN, a prominent provider of high-quality mental health and rehabilitation services in Europe. Rebekah Cresswell is not just leading Priory; she is at the forefront of transforming mental health and adult social care services in the UK.  


 Key Takeaways  



  1. Leadership Alchemy: IQ, EQ, and AQ Blend


Rebekah delves into the crucial components of successful leadership, emphasizing the right mix of Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and Adaptability Quotient (AQ). She shares insights into the ideal ratio of these elements based on research.  


  1. Real-Time Transition Management


A live example is presented, demonstrating effective techniques to navigate transitions between meetings and ensure full presence in the moment, regardless of preceding challenges. This practical approach underscores the importance of adaptability and focus.  


  1. Leading in Uncertain Environments


Rebekah provides valuable guidance on leading in times of deep volatility and uncertainty. She addresses the challenges of craving certainty and offers actionable strategies for leaders to navigate unpredictable landscapes successfully.  


  1. Navigating Mental Health Challenges


Drawing from his personal experience, Ben engages Rebekah in a raw and honest discussion about handling significant mental health challenges following the loss of his closest friend to suicide. The conversation provides insights and practical advice for individuals facing such situations, as well as guidance for those supporting loved ones.  


These key takeaways encapsulate the diverse and insightful discussion with Rebekah Cresswell, offering a multifaceted perspective on leadership, adaptability, and navigating complex personal and professional landscapes.  


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