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Leadership Fundamentals with Brigadier Nick Cowley OBE

This week we are going back to basics and exploring some of the fundamentals of effective leadership with Brigadier Nick Cowley, OBE.  


Over the past 20 years Nick has been in leadership positions during multiple operational tours of Iraq and Afghanistan, with regular and special forces.  


Nick is currently commanding 16 Air Assault Brigade, which is the British Army’s high readiness force. During his career Nick has been awarded a Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service, an MBE and an OBE.   


In addition to his military career Nick has always had a keen interest in education and social mobility. In 2009, Nick founded a social mobility charity called The Talent Tap which gives training and opportunity to talented students from low social mobility areas.   


I first met Nick in 1997 when we were on the Pre-University Course at the Royal Miliary Academy, Sandhurst, and then found ourselves in the same platoon three years later, on the Commissioning Course back at Sandhurst.  


I’m delighted to bring you this interview with Nick, because even way back then in our very early twenties, it was evident that he was one of life’s natural leaders. And that being the case, I know for certain he’s going to provide us all with massive value through today’s episode.  



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That’s enough from me though, let’s get into this interview with Brigadier Nick Cowley, OBE. 



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