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You are likely to be considering a leadership mentor because you have just stepped into a much more senior role and feel as though you need someone to guide you through this critical career transition.
You may be taking on your first Managing Director or CEO role and have some concerns about your ability to do the job that you feel you can't share with anyone in your existing network.
Or you may have realised that the leadership practices and ways of working that have served you so well up until now, are not the ones that will bring continued success and personal satisfaction.

My work as a Performance Coach and Leadership Mentor is based upon a set of core beliefs about work, life and leadership:

Success at work does not have to come at the expense of our health, family and social life.

At it’s most basic, leadership is about delivering results and looking after those we have the privilege and responsibility to lead.

Business and leadership are fundamentally about people and relationships; we should make sure we enjoy the journey.

The best leaders have an insatiable appetite for learning and growth.

If this sounds like a world that you’d like to operate in, and you share some of my beliefs, then this mentoring programme is for you.

Here’s what you get when you make the investment of working with me as your Leadership Mentor

  • A bespoke, one-to-one developmental programme that accesses my skills as both a Performance Coach and Leadership Mentor. Throughout this process, I will share the learning from some of my biggest wins and greatest mistakes.
  • 15 hours of Performance Coaching and Leadership Mentoring over a period of 8-12 months.
  • Step by step guidance and support to explore and implement the Personal Leadership: Ultimate Success (PL:US) System.
  • A personal mentor with over 20 years leadership experience who is constantly growing and learning so that they can improve their game. In other words, you get someone who is living what they preach whilst bringing you the latest and very best thinking that’s out there.
  • Access to the latest tools I'm developing and learnings from the world-class events that I'm attending.
  • The opportunity to deconstruct the routines, practices and habits that I use to run my business and live my life. We’ll unpack these together so that you have the depth of knowledge to make them work for you
  • The tools, frameworks, worksheets and reminders to create the change required to inspire new habits.
  • Synopses of the latest content from the world of leadership development and peak performance. Or as a client of mine once said, I read the books so you don't have to!
  • One of just five Leadership Mentoring places per year – you’ll get a unique and personal experience.

“Ben brings his own experiences to the table, which is great - he brings a mixture of theory and personal experiences which again allows people to be honest and transparent. Sessions with Ben are fun, engaging, challenging - you always come away feeling as though you have moved on in a positive way, and with some theory that you can put into practice rather than stuff that can normally end up in the bin.“

Kerry Owens, Marketing Director – United Biscuits