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Archana Mohan is the Chief Operations and Technology Officer at Veritas Investment Partners.  


Archana has earned a reptation as someone who is passionate about unlocking the potential in those around her to achieve the remarkable.  


In this episode, she shares what she has learned about leadership from a diverse range of organisations that including Standard Life Wealth, Pioneer Alternative Investments, AXA Investment Managers, and Citigroup.  



Key Discussion Points  


  1. Creating Space for Planning and Reflection


Archana and Ben discuss the importance of creating intentional space for planning and reflection in leadership. Discover strategies to carve out time for thoughtful consideration, enabling leaders to navigate challenges with clarity and purpose.  


  1. Tips for Successfully Moving into More Senior Leadership Roles


Drawing from her rich experience, Archana shares valuable tips with Ben for individuals aspiring to move into more senior leadership roles. Gain insights into the skills, mindset, and approaches that contribute to a successful transition and impactful leadership at higher levels.  


  1. Leadership as a Noun


Archana and Ben explore the concept of leadership as a noun, emphasising the tangible and actionable aspects of effective leadership. Learn how viewing leadership as a dynamic and evolving practice contributes to sustained success in complex organisational environments.  


  1. Avoiding Leading in Your Spare Time


One of the challenges many leaders face is the tendency to lead in their spare time, leading to burnout and diminished effectiveness. Archana and Ben provide practical advice on avoiding this common pitfall, ensuring that leaders maintain a healthy work-life balance and sustained leadership impact.  


  1. How Not to Overload Your Star Performers


Archana and Ben share insights on a critical leadership aspect – avoiding overloading star performers. Discover effective strategies to manage and distribute workloads, ensuring that your key team members thrive and contribute at their optimal level without succumbing to burnout.  


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