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Sophie Hooper is currently the CEO and Founder of a breakthrough patented stretch mark prevention-wear product – Secret Saviours. She has raised funds of circa £4 million for trial, development and launch of the unique product. The company has, to date, saved over 30,000 women from stretch marks and counting. Before founding Secret Saviours, she worked in advertising. Her last role was that of Managing Director at Team Saatchi, London. 


In this episode we discuss some of the biggest leadership challenges she has faced in her career and what she learned from them. We also talk about the things she wished she’d known at the start of her career, in terms of leadership, plus why she puts so much focus on happiness and being kind. 



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The Alignment Advantage by Richard Nugent  

Bragging Rights by Lisa Bragg  

The Long Distance Team bt Kevin Eikenberry  

Mission: Leadership – Lifting The Mask by Ben Morton  

Positive Influence by Glenn Parker  


Links mentioned in this episode:  

Secret Saviours:  


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