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In this episode, we’re joined by Matt Abrahams, a renowned communication expert, Stanford lecturer and author of “Think Faster, Talk Smarter.”  


Matt’s research and expertise focus on helping individuals conquer the fear of public speaking and excel when speaking spontaneously. With his engaging insights and practical advice, Matt empowers leaders to communicate with confidence in any situation.  


Episode Highlights:  


1.Demystifying Speaking Anxiety:  


Matt reveals the research findings about the prevalence of speaking anxiety, shedding light on just how many people experience this common fear in both planned and spontaneous speaking scenarios.  


  1. Onions and Emotional Reactions: 


Discover a unique and personal story as Matt shares an experience where an onion evoked a particularly strong emotional reaction and the lessons learned from that moment.  


  1. Unmasking Speaking Anxiety: 


Explore the three primary ways speaking anxiety manifests and learn effective strategies for tackling each manifestation head-on.  


  1. Catering to Different Thinkers: 


Matt and I share our combined insights into how both internal and external thinkers can navigate impromptu speaking situations effectively, ensuring their messages resonate with their audience.  


  1. Making Decisions on the Spot: 


Gain practical tips and tactics for making quick, well-informed decisions and knowing what to say when faced with unexpected questions or situations.  


  1. The Self-Interview Question: 


Matt shares the insightful question he would ask if he were interviewing himself, providing a unique perspective on his expertise and experiences.  


Join me for an illuminating conversation with Matt Abrahams as we explore the art of mastering impromptu speaking. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or aspiring to greatness, Matt’s insights will help you communicate with confidence in any situation.


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