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In today’s episode, I’m joined by Rob Moore – a self-made property investor, businessman, entrepreneur, world record holder, author, speaker, pilot and proud dad, who co-owns seven companies in property, lettings and finance. Rob has partnered with many of the biggest business and household names, featured in prime time TV shows as a business mentor appearing on Channel 4 and the BBC. Alongside running multiple businesses, he mentors success-hungry people who want to achieve more money and recognition in business and life.  


As you’re about to find out, Rob is one of those individuals that exudes energy, drive and passion in all they do, and everything they talk about.  


In this episode we cover a lot of topics including managing risk and his tips for making those big – often scary – decisions. We also discuss how his approach to leadership has evolved from being a leader of one business, to being a leader of leaders. And while I was chatting to someone who seems to be so full of energy while running multiple businesses, I had to ask about how he maintains his own energy levels.  



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The Alignment Advantage by Richard Nugent  

Bragging Rights by Lisa Bragg  

The Long Distance Team bt Kevin Eikenberry  

Mission: Leadership – Lifting The Mask by Ben Morton  

Positive Influence by Glenn Parker  


Links mentioned in this episode:  

Rob’s website:    


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