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Today we’re joined by Melanie Chevalier, the Founder and CEO at Creative Culture. Mélanie has built her career on challenging the status quo of internationalization and traditional models to offer a much more effective and qualitative approach by bringing local cultures back to the fore to feed globally-led initiatives. 


A proud award winner of the 2021 Female Frontier’s Championing Change category, which celebrates women constantly pushing the boundaries of equality, gender balance, and making dynamic changes within their work. Mélanie is very active in promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, and has developed innovative initiatives to allow brands to successfully navigate complex inclusion pieces within an even more complex and diverse multicultural environment.


With over 15 years of industry experience in transcreation, cross-cultural communications and strategy, Mélanie has been advising international brands such as Barclays Wealth, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oréal Luxe, Maserati, and Urban Decay… to name just a few.


Besides cross-cultural matters and transcreation, her passion is her two gorgeous bilingual boys and the art of getting things done. We discussed how her leadership style, and the services her company provides, have both been shaped by her international upbringing. We also spoke about her approach to getting the right balance between achieving success at work and enjoying all that life has to offer.


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