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Mike Cooper | People First Leadership

Mike is the Global President and CRO at Adomni. He most recently served as CEO of Enhance Outdoor, and prior to launching Enhance, he spent eight years as the global CEO of Rapport Worldwide, taking it from annual billings of $85 million in two countries to nearly $1 billion across eighteen countries. 


Mike is a native Brit who now lives in Westchester, New York with his Czech wife and their three children. 


In this episode we spoke a lot about Mike’s people first approach to leadership and the very real results that he has created within the teams and businesses he’s led over the years. We also explored the topics of empathy, his view that if you have a ‘work persona’ you can’t be a good leader – let alone a great one – and how he has on numerous occasions supported some of his very best people to leave the organisation.



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