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This week we have another of our special medley episodes. Over the past month or so, I’ve been asking previous guests on the show about their top tips for successfully navigating Christmas Party Season.


What I loved about this episode is hearing how each of the leaders chose to answer it. Some focussed on the work, and some focussed on not being the last one at the Christmas party.


In addition to this, I also recorded a special snippet for you with Carola Becker, our consultant nutritionist, who first appeared on episode 29 of the show.


Before we get into this episode, head over to the Online Course page of my website – – where you can sign up for my 10-4-10 Leadership Course. It’s totally free, it’s bite-sized, and it covers some of the most common leadership topics and challenges I get asked about. It also gets consistently great feedback. We’ve also popped that link in the show notes for you.


In today’s episode we will find out from:

  • David Sobo, Chief Operating Officer at Ultra Education
  • Shannon Minfie, CEO at Box of Crayons
  • Ben Fletcher, CFO at The Very Group
  • Richard Harwood, semi-retired spending more time on his Charity commitments
  • Carola Becker, The Nutrition Coach


One final thing before you go…


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