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Paolo Gallo is a recognized Global Expert in Professional & Personal Development.  


Paolo has served in prominent roles, including Chief Human Resources Officer at the World Economic Forum in Geneva and Chief Learning Officer at The World Bank in Washington DC. With a rich career that spans diverse sectors and global organizations, Paolo has coached over 150 executives, including CEOs. His extensive background includes positions at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the International Finance Corporation, and Citigroup.   


In this episode, he shares what he has learned about leadership from these huge organisations, along with his experience coaching CEOs of major international corporations.  


Key Discussion Points  


  1. Leadership and Personal Development


Paolo shares insights into the intersection of leadership and personal development, drawing from his extensive experience coaching executives globally.  


  1. Navigating the Inner Journey of Leaders


Explore the themes from Paolo’s latest book, “The 7 Games of Leadership,” as he guides us through the inner journey that leaders embark upon in their quest for success and authenticity.  


  1. Crisis and Easter Analogy


Paolo draws a fascinating analogy between a crisis and Easter, highlighting the inevitability of both and the importance of preparation in leadership.  


  1. Transformation and Leadership Excellence


Learn from Paolo about the transformative process of becoming a great leader and achieving the best version of oneself, a journey central to personal and professional success.  


  1. Advice for Emerging Leaders


Paolo shares his number one piece of advice for those stepping into their next leadership role, providing actionable insights for aspiring leaders.


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