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Planning and Prioritisation | Leadership Training


Slowing down to speed up is something that is frequently written about with regard to leadership training.

But have you ever found yourself frustrated by all of the memes and social media posts related to this topic because you’re overwhelmed with the pressing demands of your leadership role?

If so, you’re not alone.

In this video and blog, I’m sharing a simple yet powerful tactic to help you carve out time for reflection and planning – a crucial skill for effective leadership.



The Challenge

In the realm of leadership, reflection and planning often fall into Quadrant Two on the Eisenhower matrix – they are important but rarely urgent. With the constant pressure of urgent tasks in Quadrant One, it’s easy for leaders to become reactive rather than proactive.


The Solution: Schedule Your Priorities

Stephen Covey once said,

“The goal is not to prioritise what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.”

This holds the key to effective leadership. The most successful leaders act on Quadrant Two, scheduling time for important but not necessarily urgent tasks.


The Magic Trick

But how do you find time for critical leadership tasks like reflection and forward planning?

The magic trick is simple: schedule 20 to 30 minutes in your diary every Friday for this purpose.

However, if your Friday is already packed, look ahead to two or three weeks in the future. Find the earliest opportunity, schedule it in, and make it a recurring event.

Hey presto! You now have dedicated time blocked in your diary every week, for reflection and planning.


The Impact

By consistently dedicating time to Quadrant Two activities, you shift from a reactive leader to a proactive one.

This benefits you and has a ripple effect on your team, creating a culture of strategic thinking and forward momentum.



Incorporating this simple tactic into your routine can profoundly affect your leadership approach.

Take the lead on your priorities, schedule your reflection time, and watch the positive impact it has on both you and your team.


Two Things To Do

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Until next time, keep looking after those you have the privilege and responsibility to lead.

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