Burnout Symptoms and Warning Signs

Today we have a slightly different episode – it’s totally unscripted and I’m joined by my amazing Community Manager, Susie Cery, as we experiment with expressing more vulnerability on the show. In this episode, I share my personal experience of burnout over the last 18 months. I reflect on some of the (ignored) red flags in the run up, then the changes I have made that have given me the space to recover and build a more sustainable way of running the business. From protecting sleep, diet and exercise, we can break out of the stress cycle. With this, I hope to help you or someone you know who may be on a similar journey. Resources mentioned in this episode: Calm App: https://www.calm.com/ Clementine App: https://clementineapp.com/ Headspace App: https://www.headspace.com The FREE 10-4-10 Leadership Programme: https://bit.ly/FREEleadershipmini-course We want to hear from you! Whether it’s a leadership question for Ben, some feedback on the show, or a guest suggestion, we’d love to hear from you. Whatever the reason for getting in touch, you can easily do it by clicking the link below that Ben will personally review. https://www.ben-morton.com/feedback/ Mentioned in this episode: The FREE 10-4-10 Course Sign up today and sharpen your skills on, keeping your team motivated, effective delegation, planning and prioritization, handling Imposter Syndrome, and much more. It's my FREE online coaching course to help you become the leader that people want to follow. Click here for the 10-4-10 Coaching

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