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Colonel Caroline Woodbridge-Lewin, MBE | Leadership skills and building resilience

Today we are talking about leadership skills and building resilience with Colonel Caroline Woodbridge-Lewin, MBE of the British Army. 

Caroline was commissioned into the Royal Signals in 1995 and has held various Regimental appointments serving in the United Kingdom, USA, Cyprus, Germany, Bosnia and Iraq. 

As a staff officer, she has worked within the Special Forces Directorate as a Capability & Acquisition officer, she was Chief of Staff of the Defence Academy and recently assumed the role of Head of the Information Warfare Group. 

Amongst all of this she has attained a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree whilst serving, was the co-Chair of the Army Service Women’s Network and is currently Chair of Hut Eighteen, a Defence led Information Warfare Network. 

Outside of work she enjoys playing and coaching hockey, cycling, skiing and walking in the hills with her two daughters and Springer Spaniel, Harley.

There are so many pearls of wisdom in this episode. A few personal highlights for me are Caroline’s thoughts around building resilience – and not being overly critical of ourselves, the need to lead management activity and being very intentional about where she positions herself as a leader… and why.

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