Empowering Leadership: Strategies for Growth and Resilience with James Mitchell

Join Ben Morton for this episode of his podcast with James Mitchell, CEO of Vitality Corps, as they explore the highs and lows of his career and the lessons he learned that you can apply. In This Episode, You Will Learn: 1. How to let go and overcome the tendency to micro-manage those that we lead. 2. How to master delegation and do it in a way that empowers your team whilst giving yourself the reassurance that things are on track. 3. Practical strategies for maintaining your energy and staying resilient and James approach towards self-care, and Jame’s approach towards self-care. 4. Why stopping to chat with your reception and security team may be one the best leadership moves you can make. Plus lots more. Find out about my work at www.ben-morton.com and join my community here to get access to bonus content, live master-classes, plus the latest leadership tips and advice.

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