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How to Be a Great Boss with Debra and Ken Corey | Episode 173


In this episode, we are talking with Debra and Ken Corey, co-authors of the book Bad Bosses Ruin Lives, The Building Blocks for Being a Great Boss.

After my first scan of the book, I thought that the people who would most need to read it, were going to be the least likely to do so.

But as I read it more deeply, and started to talk with Debra and Ken, I realised it’s a book for anyone who wants to be a great leader or boss.

Why? Because we all have bad boss tendencies inside of us and can fall into the bad boss traps so easily.

Listen on…to lead on.

Episode Highlights

  1. The Shocking Statistics About Bad Bosses. Very few people go to work wanting to ruin people’s lives, yet 99.6 % of survey respondents say they’ve had a bad boss. This means that even those of us with the best of intentions are likely to be getting it wrong from time to time.
  2. The Bad Boss Traps and How to Avoid Them. Debra and Ken share the most common ‘bad boss traps’ to watch out for, and how to avoid them.
  3. The Ten Types of Bad Boss. There are ten types of bad bosses which include the obvious ones such as ‘the micromanager’, plus the less obvious ‘avoider’, ‘unappreciator’, and so on. Learn which ones you may have lurking inside you on a bad day!
  4. How to be a Great Boss. Fear not, this isn’t an episode where we simply highlight all the problems, there are solutions too. Learn about the six foundational building blocks of being a great boss.

Chapter Makers

(03:06) How bad bosses can ruin lives

(05:45) The shocking statistics about bad bosses

(08:40) How and why, we can all be a bad boss

(09:58) The most common bad boss traps

(19:18) The ten types of bad boss

(26:01) Being a great boss

(32:03) The statistics about feedback

(37:37) Advice for when you have a bad boss

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More About Debra and Ken Corey

Debra Corey is a highly experienced and award-winning HR consultant, world-class speaker, and six-time author who has been named as one of the top 101 global employee engagement influencers numerous times.

After over 20 years as an HR Leader, she now acts as the Chief Pay It Forward Officer at DebCo HR, where she inspires and works with others to drive cultural and business change through employee engagement and leadership.

Ken Corey is a seasoned Engineering Leader and a trailblazer in fostering innovative solutions, being at the forefront of cultivating high-performance teams, driving complex project deliveries and advancing cutting-edge engineering practices in companies ranging from startups to large enterprises.

Ken’s leadership ethos is rooted deeply in people development, always striving to propel his team members’ careers to new heights while ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.

Buy the book on Amazon here: As an Amazon affiliate, I earn a small fee for every sale.

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