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How to Engage the Resistors with Kate Sikora | Episode 174


In this episode, we are talking with Kate Sikora, the Managing Director of Noble Studios in the UK (United Kingdom).

In this episode, we are focussing in on what to do when stepping into a more senior role in order to be successful, engage our team and stay fit and healthy ourselves.

Listen on…to lead on.

Episode Highlights

  1. How to Lead People with More Experience Than You. At some stage in our leadership career, we all need to lead individuals who have a lot more subject matter experience and tenure with a company than we do. In this clip, Kate and Ben share their insights for successfully handling this tricky situation.
  2. Using Empathy to Make Tough Decisions. Leading with empathy does not mean you are soft. When we lead with an appropriate level of empathy, we can make better decisions that lead to better outcomes for everyone…and the bottom line.
  3. Advice for Aspiring MDs and CEOs. If you have your sights set on an MD or CEO role in the future, Kate’s advice in this section will be invaluable.
  4. Tips for Maintaining Your Energy and Motivation. It’s a question that many of us are, always trying to answer; how to I maintain my energy, avoid burnout, and strike a balance that works for me. Kate and Ben share their advice and pivotal moments.

Chapter Makers

(03:34) How to lead & influence people with more experience than you.

(07:43) What it actually means to lead with empathy

(09:29) ‘Love languages’ and leadership

(12:55) Leading people who are resistant to change

(14:39) Using empathy to make difficult decisions

(16:49) Overcoming the fear of delegation

(21:16) The biggest surprise about becoming an MD

(27:29) How to maintain your energy and motivation

(31:43) The best mistake Kate ever made

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More About Kate Sikora

Kate Sikora is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Noble Performs, a digital performance marketing agency based in Bristol renowned for helping organisations achieve remarkable results.

Highly commended as the Institute of Directors, Director of the Year 2023 and serving as a Taan European Governor, Kate is committed to driving excellence and innovation in the digital marketing landscape.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Kate finds joy in family life, practising yoga, and exploring new culinary creations in the kitchen.

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