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Jozef Opdeweegh | Value Based Leadership

In this episode we are joined by Jozef Opdeweegh. Jozef is an international C-suite executive, with experience that spans the Atlantic and an outlook to match. Drawing on over twenty years experience in developing companies in North America, the UK and mainland Europe, he’s an author and thought leader on the critical relationship between the values we live by and the value we create.

Born to a family of educators in Belgium, it was only natural that Jozef would be raised to embrace a diversity of knowledge, experience, and challenge. Throughout a lifetime of service, he’s lived by a philosophy that’s based on principles of respect, trust, and opportunity for all.

In this episode we explore value-based leadership and Jozef’s belief that it is totally possible to create value for shareholders whilst operating in a fair and equitable manner for the other stakeholders.

We also had an in-depth conversation around how we as leaders can create an environment where the best idea wins, as opposed to just the ideas from those who naturally have the loudest or strongest voice.

On top of all that, Jozef shared some fantastic tips to recruit people whose values really fit with those of the organization.

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